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Mistress, Goddess, Phone and Cam Diva. I'm a bit over the top but that's me, more than most can handle. I'm also the unassuming neighbor next door who dresses up, loves fancy things & turns into a true exhibitionist on CAM. I'm an Alpha Bitch by nature. Bottom line I follow my own rules. I do what I want... MY WAY.

I've been taking calls and camming on & off on NITEFLIRT since "back in the day". I'm on Niteflirt full time now. If my listing states I'm available taking calls, please consider that your invitation. I have two Cam listings, choose wisely :-) I don't sit around waiting for Cam calls. I prefer an email to set an appointment. I enjoy long sessions, no wankers. Video Calls: SKYPE, Face-Time, Other. Email or send a chat message first so we can set up a video method. Every call yields a new sensation and that's what keeps me interested and interesting. I enjoy doing what I do. When you choose one of my NITEFLIRT listings to call expect to be treated to that fetish or desire.

What you see is what you get when you call or speak to me. My pictures are of me NOW. No old ones peppered in, I'm proud of my curves and mature voluptuous body. I'm cheeky and quirky at times with a dry sense of humor. Luckily for you I am not playing a character. I'm authentic and 100% REAL.

I enjoy making custom videos, mp3's and picture sets. My equipment is top-notch and my unique work is of a superior quality.
more.... I'm not big on zodiac stuff but I am true to my sign.(Aquarius - google it.)

Do you want to know more about me? Just ask me. I think resumes are boring :-)
Keep up with my Vlog & Blog and you will get to know me better.

Yes I like "flipping the bird".  Why?
  1. Because I can.
  2. My immaculate manicures.
  3. You love it.

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